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rainy weekends

By Sunday, October 24, 2010

::are meant for being lazy

::and cooking tasty snack foods like roasted bell peppers with garlic served with goat cheese and crackers. {so fancy, so yummy!}

::for completing sewing projects {pictures to come when the sun comes up}

::and spending time with friends

::cheering on the hometown team as they scratch their way to a World Series spot

Today was a good rainy day. And there's still one more day left in this rainy weekend. So here's to more sewing and cooking and lazy planning for the week ahead. Who knows? Maybe I'll even feel inspired and clean the bathroom. But that's a big "maybe".

Happy rainy day!

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  1. sounds fantastic!! we have a threatening to rain weekend that pokes it's beautiful warm sunshine head out every afternoon, which takes the "lazy" out of my weekend. it was just ginger and me this weekend- a fun change. mark took ruby to his friends wedding out of town. i don't think ginger would like the roasted bells, and i'm trying to teach her that it's fun when mommy sews her brains out! so far, not much sewing. love em