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By Sunday, October 10, 2010

::It's fun living in a small town. The other weekend there was a town fun day with a bbq, arts and crafts for sale and a derby. Just a two minute walk. It was a blast to watch the kids fly by on their home-made cars.

::Three weeks and counting of being good about meal planning. It feels great to have all the meals planned out on Sunday. During the week I'm not trying to figure something out to have for dinner at 4:30pm. Instead, dinner is planned and I don't have to think at all. Sweet!

::And since I've been good about meal planning I figure this will be the week to be good about getting some exercise again. Swimming pool... here I come!

::I've had a productive weekend too - quilt blocks almost done. I've got one quilt block left to finish up for the Tethered Threads Quilting Bee. It's been so much fun sewing for a different person every month, but I'm also looking forward to tackling my long list of sewing projects for the house.

::On the list of things I've been meaning to blog about are a couple weekend trips - one to Lassen National Park and the other to the Eastern Sierras. Both should really get their own posts even though that's "totally old news", says Lukas.

::In new news... last night we headed up to San Francisco to catch the sunset at Marshall's Beach. There we got to experience two polar opposites of the human personality. First, the happiest drunk guy who was excited to know that Lukas knew when the perfect time would be {for a picture}. He wished us a good picture and lots of babies. Then two minutes later we were being shouted at by a security guard {??} to leave the beach. The shouting guy threatened us and wouldn't identify himself. We couldn't see him because he was above us and it was starting to get dark. So, Lukas only got one picture. Bummer.

::On a more happy note it's been fun watching the Giants in the playoffs. They won a nail biter today.

Have a happy week!

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