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quarter fat

By Monday, December 21, 2009 , ,

This will be a little of this, little of that kind of post. Time again keeps slipping away. We just celebrated Thanksgiving it seems, but we're already past Hanukah and Christmas is just a couple days away. My goodness, where has this year gone? It's about time for me to get started on the scrapbook for 2009 - add another thing to the ever growing to-do list.

Hmmmm, now where to start? Let's go semi-reverse chronological order. I'm not going to hold myself to that strict order, but it'll give me somewhere to start.

Yesterday was a marathon day of sewing. I got up {and after making waffles} sewed and sewed and sewed all day long. Crossed off the list were fixing a pair of rain pants for Lukas. The pants are the bright yellow kind you'd see some guy working on a fishing boat wear. They were a bit short in the stretchy suspenders causing them to ride up "just a bit". With some extra length added they fit pretty well. Now he can got stand in the surf without having to come home with wet pants. Also for Lukas, I finished up a scarf for one of his Hanukah presents. {reminds me I must take a few pictures of it} It's fleece on one side with plaid flannel on the other and quilted with diamonds to hold it all together. Happy with how this turned out, but all I've got to say is I *hate* trimming threads. Grrrrrr! Other items crossed off the list were a little Christmas present for Lukas's mom and try two on the wedding dress. You'll be happy to know it is no longer a sack. But, we still have a ways to go on the modifications. Oh, and I made a few little Christmas cards too. Boy it was a busy day!

The day before was busy too with a 8 mile hike to Alamere Falls. This is a great waterfall {really series of waterfalls} that cascades right onto the beach below. Nice hike, pretty falls and that's all I say on that.

Hanukah was wonderful this year even though I didn't get to go home. Lukas has been learning guitar and practiced up on the Hanukah songs. We did lots of singing - rocking the house and having fun. We got to Skype my folks a couple nights too for some cyber candle lighting and off kilter {due to internet delay} singing. My brother and his girlfriend came to dinner the eighth night. That was lots of fun too. I just can't believe how fast it all went. I loved the nights spent enjoying each other's company.

For Thanksgiving we went up to my parents' house. We had a blast visiting, eating yummy food and doing some exploring. One day we went up to Fern Canyon - A.MAZ.ING! {but since Lukas doesn't have it up on flickr I'll just have to link to this super cool mushroom that we saw on the walk in} We also went to Table Bluff to watch my dad and brother fly their remote controlled plane in the wind. They subsequently lost the plane over the cliff, but did eventually find it after much climbing over the cliffside and crawling around in the bushes.

My parents liked their matching Hanukah presents. It certainly solved the dilemma of what to do when they both wanted the same picture. Well, just give them both what they want.

{gosh it is easy to go in reverse order when I've got all my pictures saved by date.}

Ok, I'll be done spewing my bloggingness. Feels got to get this all out. My next post should be showing off some recent sewing {with pictures!}.

Oh... I guess I should explain the post title. It is completely random, but that's what Lukas insists on call fat quarters. If I'm going to the fabric store he likes to ask, "You gonna get some quarter fats?" Or "You could just use a quarter fat." It makes me smile and naming posts is hard. And the first picture is a nice sunset on my way home from work on day.

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