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tethered threads - month 1

By Wednesday, November 4, 2009 , , ,

Things were getting down to the wire. I had knocked out the first of my two blocks pretty quickly. I had a flash of inspiration for the first block - a crown for the little girl's Hebrew name. And by luck, I happened to find a paper piece pattern for a crown. I guess in this picture the crown itself is hard to see. Darn. Anyways, I was quite proud of my paper piecing and started dragging my heals about the second block.

I wanted to do something with 'sea' for the little girl's second Hebrew name. I tried to come up with a paper pieced design of my own, but gave up. Too hard!

Instead, I went with a block-y background and some appliqued owls. Aren't those owls just the cutest? I had trouble with the stitching around then owls when I lowered my feed dogs. So instead I just kept them up and directed the fabric through with my hands. It worked pretty well what way.

So, late in the night of the 29th and into the morning of the 30th I knocked out the last block. And into the mail they went. Hopefully, they should be at their destination by the time this posts. I hope you like them Jenny!

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