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By Friday, August 15, 2008

AmtrakTomorrow morning, bright and early I'll be on my way to Santa Cruz by way of Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Salinas... over about 7 hours.  Yep, I will be a patron of Amtrak and that's about the quickest to get up there when you're lacking your own wheels.  Yep, my beautiful volvo baby is in the shop.  It did allow me to buy a $88 dollar headache and one volvo shop I'm no longer allowed to show up at.  ("you never show up here again." the exact quote from the mechanic.)  So, if you're ever in L.A. and need to get your volvo serviced hit me up and I'll let you know all about who you should NOT take your car too.  Needless to say I dropped my car off at another (much better, but farther away) independent volvo place.  And... today still no car, because the guy needs a lot more time to figure my car out and what's going to fix it.  Noises are never good.  Grrrrrr... I just want my car back.  But, since that isn't going to happen and I've got to get up to Santa Cruz by Saturday I will be riding two buses and one train tomorrow.  

And then, hopefully the headache will be done and I'll be on vacation for a week.  (except that I'll be getting an update on my car situation and will have to make some decision on that)  Sunday we're off for two nights camping in Mendocino and then all the way up to Arcata to visit my parents.  I'm excited for a trip and to get out of L.A. and away from my car.  

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  1. oh no! I hope everything got better!