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Megan Lazzar, MPH!

By Monday, June 16, 2008

I did it!  Two years later, a bunch of classes, one masters project and I am officially done.  Well, that is... all requirements are complete (pending one grade change) and now all I have to do is wait for a couple months to get my diploma.  It feels great to be done, especially since the last couple weeks were very stressful - papers to finish, presentations to give, tests to grade, and so on.  

For graduation, my family and Lukas came down.  Afterwards we all headed over to my cousins' house in Santa Monica for some vegan thai food.  Yummy!  It was so wonderful of my cousins to have us all over.  They really did an amazing job and sent me home with the hugest chocolate cake I've seen in my life.  (Any one looking for a piece of great cake just let me know and I'll send it over!)  

On Saturday we all headed over to Catalina Island on my uncle's boat.  The ride over was a bit bumpy, but nothing compared to the ride back.  Both my dad and I got super sea sick, but thankfully neither of us lost our cookies.  Catalina itself was fun - checked out art galleries, had yummy fish and chips.  Then the ride back was "pure torture" (my mom's words). 

Then the next day, Sunday, was Father's Day.  Lukas and I headed back down to Long Beach and helped cook breakfast for the dads.  Everyone came over from some grey (ew!) has browns, eggs, and fruit.  I think the cooks could use a little more kitchen practice.   It was mainly just nice to hang out together.  After breakfast the family packed up, stopped by my place to take my surf board and bike home, and then headed back up north.  Lukas flew home the next day and now I'm back to working full time for the county.  Next week I fly off to Maryland for a conference that I'm speaking at!  Yikes, that's a bit scary!!     

Now to play with my graduation present a little before going to bed.

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