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SPT - time (correction)

By Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So, I did my SPT a little early and then over the week my boyfriend had a chance to read it. (scroll down for the original SPT) We have been doing the long distance relationship for the past year or so -- ever since I moved down to L.A. for school. He was still finishing up school and then moved back home to save money, while I've been stuck down here in yucky L.A. He was "incredibly hurt" that if I had an extra hour in the day I wouldn't be spending it with him. At least that was until he figured out that with an extra hour I would have been able to drive from my house to where the 405 and the 101 meet and than have to turn back around. So, even with an extra hour we could not spend time together. Unless... with that extra hour we also get a teleportation machine. Then, if I had the teleportation machine I would spend every extra hour of every day up in Santa Cruz with my sexy man. (side note - he just shaved off his beard. I'd forgotten how nice he looks clean shaved.) And, if we did get a teleportation machine with this prompt, I'm not giving it back. I could seriously use one of those for the next few months that we've still go to do long distance and for all the world travels I'm planning on doing. No more lines at airports or expensive plane tickets - sweet! So, my corrected version of my very first SPT is that I would love to have an extra hour of time with my boyfriend. Let's see if I can get the next one right!

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  1. ah-hah! he's keeping you on your toes!! you two are very cute.

  2. Oh, you didn't have to write all this! I was just giving you a hard time. Though, I did find out something new. I never knew I shaved off my "bread" until now.

  3. Awwwwwwww! You two are just adorable!!!! Sheesh. Cuteness.