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A Sunset Hike (and a new outfit)

By Wednesday, May 16, 2007 , ,

Lukas has been wanting to hike Bishop Peak again to get some night pictures of San Luis Obispo. The last time we did this his camera was on the wrong setting and all the pictures were small. So, off we went to hike. I had great visions of sitting on the top, snuggling up and watching the sun slowly sink into the ocean beyond Moro Bay. But that was not to be. The air was brisk and breezy as we were walking -- which was very nice during the uphill parts. The wind picked up as we got higher up. When we finally reached the near top (the bench just below the very tip-top) thick grey fog was rolling in through Los Osos Valley and over the hills into SLO. Well, we made it this far so we climbed up to the very top sat for a minute (actually, probably less) and then climbed back down to the bench. Out came the sweatshirts and a little snack. The sun wasn't shining but there was still time before it got dark enough to get some good night shots so we sat and watched the fog. Lukas tried out his new camel back backpack on this hike. It's pretty fancy and holds about 3L of water! Very exciting and it makes drinking water fun. After a quick double self portrait we started our walk back down. We found the perfect rock to sit on for a great view of the city and waited for the lights to come on. It was pretty cold, but the lights finally came on and Lukas got some neat pictures. In this one, the bright lights on the left are from the Cal Poly baseball field. In the cold night air we could hear everyone cheering when Poly got a run. A couple good pictures later it was just too cold to sit any longer and we headed all the way down. A quick stop off at home to blow our noses and then we grabbed some yummy Firestone's.

The next day was a lazy homework day. I made Lukas take my picture in my new outfit that I got with the gift certificate I'd gotten for my bday. I really like it! (thanks mom and dad!!)

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