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A new project and a visit from Lukas

By Thursday, May 10, 2007 , ,

So... I've had enough of the purple for the time being and am going back to boring black. I'm excited to finaly get to post about my latest sewing project because (1) I was very happy with the way it turned out and (2) my mom got it in the mail today so now posting about it wont be ruining any suprise.
Here it is... my very first purse/bag/tote. I didn't have a clue about the steps one would take to make one of these and just kinda puzzled it all out in my head as I went. Silly me! I have a little purse of a similar style that I could have looked at to get a better idea of how this all goes together, but didn't think of that until I was all done. Well, it still turned out pretty good and now I've just got some technical questions I'll have to ask my cousin about. One mistake... I sewed the second strap on backwards. Opps! I was so bumbed about that but felt that taking it all apart to fix that would just make things an even bigger mess. So, I left it. As my mom says, "It gives it character!" Here you can see the inside lining a little bit better.-->

To make this bag I used left over flannel fabric for the lining -- left over from a pair of PJ pants I made my little sister. And left over black corduroy from making a cover for Lukas's computer chair. It's fun to make a project from stuff I just have laying around and not have to go buy something new.

And now for a couple pics from last weekend when Lukas came down and visited me. I swam in a swim meet for the masters swim team. While the swim part was fun, it wasn't so much fun waiting for my turn to swim. Things seem to move so much slower when I'm just in a relay and not swimming individual events too. After the meet we walked around campus to give Lukas some practice taking pictures of buildings. He's going to be doing a lot of that... when we go to Europe this summer!!! (very excited about this!) There was also a Pow Wow happening on campus so we had to check that out too. That was as adventuresome as we got. It was mainly nice just to spend some time together and not be stressed out by trying to get anywhere in L.A.

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