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A Spring Time Wedding

By Saturday, April 28, 2007 ,

(I liked the purple last time so I'm sticking with it.)

So... I came home from school one day and waiting in my MySpace inbox was a letter from my friend Megan from high school. I hadn't heard from her since high school graduation, so I was quite surprised. But, the letter was only a couple lines long and just asking for my address so she could send me something. Hmmmm, is this really Megan? What if it's some hacker trying to get my address. I thought it'd be better to write her back without giving her my address first and then after she told me a little bit about what she'd been
up to so I'd know it was her I'd send her my address. And then she did email me back, but still just asked for my address. So I thought it probably was a hacker and then promptly forgot all about it for about a week.

Then... a week later I got another MySpace email. "Hey, I guess since you are going
to give me your address I'm just going to have to tell you. I'm getting married in a week and I'd love it if you came!" That's what it said. I think my jaw completely dropped and I let out a little yell. I was so excited. Of course I was going. So I called up Anna and after a bit of phone tag we were all squared away to drive up to Bakersfield together for the day.

As I waited from Anna to pick me up I hurried put a card together for Megan. Here's the result of my handiwork. I was quite proud of the end product.

We made it to Bakersfield easily and then had two
hours to kill before the wedding. First we found a wedding gift and then wrapped it all up. And then we drove around Bakersfield a little. Really, there's not much there. And we were beginning to get a little discouraged until we stumbled upon a little antique/vintage shop. It was so cute and filled with wonderful (and funny) finds. We could have easily spent the whole rest of the day getting lost in the all nooks and crannies of this store. But we had a wedding to get to. The wedding took place at the Guild House - this very cute old Victorian. It was a small wedding, but so sweet. Plus, it was very very exciting to get to see Megan and meet her new husband, Brandon. Here's a couple more pictures from the day. Megan in her beautiful dress. Megan throwing her bouquet (that I caught!).
Time went by too fast and before we knew it the wedding was over, pictures had all been taken, and it was time to head back to LA.

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  1. you caught the boquet?!?! niiiiceee. I've caught it at the last 3 weddings I've been to. haha CLEARLY thats not working out for me so much.