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Sewing Time

By Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just had to post another quick post today 'cause I spent all day making a "new" skirt for myself and had to show off my work.

How to make a "new" skirt in 8 quick steps:
Step #1: Get hand-me-down jeans from your super cool cousin who taught you how to sew.
Step #2: Wear them a whole bunch and then decide you want to turn them into a skirt.
Step #3: Let them sit on the floor of your closet for months on end.
repeat step #3 as long as you want
Step #4: Finally, decide that you'll make your "new" skirt.
Step #5: Seam rip!

Step #6: Lay it all out, pin it up with a cute bit of fabric you just happen to have laying around.
Step #7: Sew it up and hem it!
Step #8: Wear your "new" skirt!
PS. The weird white spots were caused by the flash reflecting off the mirror.

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  1. hi megs! i just caught up on all the "a bit of my life" posts i've been missing! where have i been? looks like you've been having some great times! the skirt looks awesome- i laughed my way all the way to the bottom of that one. the wedding sounds fun- i was impressed with your address giving away discretion- i don't know if i would have thought of the hacker possibility- good job. your trip to santa cruz sounded like a blast too! i've done that waterfall hike, and pink godzilla is my favorite. our friend yu sumitomo used to work there in our early twenties and has been visiting us quite often lately (working a bit with mark) he cooked us some sushi at home last week that was like straight out of japan- next time your up you guys should come over for some sushi- i'll show you what i learned. what are your plans for the summer? love em