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Weekend Escapes

By Wednesday, March 14, 2007 , , ,

It's always fun to get out of town for a little bit. Just moving out of the space you're stuck in helps put a little bit more excitement back into life. As my second quarter at UCLA is winding down little weekends away are all the more fun. Plus, it's always wonderful to go visit Lukas. Being apart all the time is really hard, but the weekends we get to spend together are all the more wonderful because we don't get to see each other everyday. (ok, enough with the mushyness)

So... each time I go up to SLO we go "exploring" and try to hunt up some photographic opportunities for Lukas. I get to tag along and enjoy the great out doors (and once in awhile, steal the camera). The black and white of us came out so good for a timer picture. I was impressed. Lately, Lukas has been set on trying to get some good night time pictures. He's learning so much about his camera! Wow, I've had mine for longer and haven't learned half as much as him.

After we got bored with Sweet Springs (Los Osos) we headed back towards SLO on LOVR and made a stop at the Oaks Reserve. We'd noticed it on the way into Los Osos and thought there might be some pictures there just waiting to be taken. Following the confusing trail signs, we searched for the perfect picture. Believe it or not, there are a lot of oak trees there. They were massive and seemed to grow outwards more than up. They definitely had some character. But... the late afternoon light was too dim beneath the oak trees to capture what we were truly seeing.

The search of good night time pictures led us first to Bishops Peak at dusk. We hiked only part way up looking for the best place to set up the camera. While Lukas captured pictures with is camera I watched the stars come out one by one. It was so peaceful to just be out there gazing up into the sky. Star gazing makes me feel so content -- like there's no end to the universe and yet I'm not lost either.
Another night excursion was to Morro Bay. I was bored after a day of doing a whole lot of nothing so Lukas suggested going star gazing. Of course, he was planning to take pictures and I would be doing the gazing, but that was fine with me. When we drove out to Morro Rock it was already very late and very dark. The second I opened the car door the sound of the ocean hit me full on. It was incredibly powerful and soothing at the same time -- like a heart beat. I found a good flat rock to plant myself on and just spent the time looking up into the the milky way. I found the big dipper and Cassiopeia who was sitting just on the horizon. Then we moved around the rock towards the bay so Lukas could get some city lights pictures. The wind picked up and was rippling the water of the bay making the reflected lights shimmer.

Well, that's enough for now. I have finals to study for and then take. I'll have to post again when I'm back from camping in Big Basin over spring break. I can't wait!

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  1. HI megan! how exciting that we're blogging neighbors now! your on my bookmark list, and i'm also hoping for some pointers. i feel so clueless. but i guess practice makes perfect. how's school going? what are your spring break plans? love em

  2. Lukas knows that much about his camera because he doesnt have us to hang out with all the time! Miss you!!!