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By Sunday, March 25, 2007

My finals are over! Now I've just got finish grading finals for the class I TA. At first I thought grading was fun, but that didn't last long. 200+ pages to grade and they're all the same question gets boring rather quickly. So, a little post here before I get back to grading.

In between studying for finals and procrastinating I made my first beanie. Lukas wears lots of beanies and always bugs his mom to make him new ones. I thought I'd give making them a try and my first one turned out pretty good (if I may say so). Here, Lukas models my first ever beanie:That's all for now. For more of my pictures you can go here!

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  1. I'm impressed!!! Hey...how do you get the blog links on the side of your blog?

  2. great job megan! is it crochet? the card didn't make it in the mail- so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! what did you do today? i've thought about you alot lately and thinking if your birthday! love em