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By Thursday, September 29, 2016 , ,

:: After three days of hot, hot, hot, yesterday the fog came back and it felt exactly like fall should feel.

:: We had fun having my mom visit for a few days.

:: I got back in the pool this week and if felt AWESOME!

:: I get to be part of Stash Fabrics design challenge and the blind voting went live today. I took the theme Vintage and channeled the season and my favorite vintage ware. Can't wait to share which one my fabric bundle was. Fingers crossed I move on to the next round.

:: Looking forward to a date with my husband (Mandoline Orange)! And getting bottles, etc. all prepped for our babysitting grandma.

:: Also looking forward to more mom group meet ups. We went to our first one last Friday and had a blast.

:: Happy with the reboot of the herb garden. The herbs seem happy too.


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