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days before baby :: 01AUG2016

By Tuesday, August 2, 2016 ,

Dear Baby,

I remember, 20 weeks ago now, when I first felt the effervescent pops in my belly that let me know you were there. It was like I had a sparkling secret inside me and even though my body had already begun to change, if you didn't know me well you probably couldn't tell. These days... well there's no denying it, as one woman at work stated emphatically, "You're having a baby!" Under my stretched skin you push out with your legs and feet and bum, trying to make more space. After my shower in the evenings, I can sit on the couch and watch you dance in my belly.

On this, the first day of August, I'm finishing up my work to prepare for going on leave. I've ditched the hour plus long commute in favor of working from home these last few days. When I made this decision weeks ago it felt super indulgent, but now it just feels right. I cannot imagine another week of bus to muni to work and then the reverse to come home. Each step gets a bit slower and my discomfort only seems to increase. If only the entire world was a swimming pool. There I feel almost normal again and I move without hindrance, except when it comes to flip turns I no longer do. This week, between the preparations for your arrival and finalizing all my work, I plan to get in as much time in the community pool as I can.

To do lists will be ever growing and probably won't slow down with your arrival. We try to anticipate what it will be like when you get here, but mostly that is unfathomable. Instead, we are eager and excited and slightly nervous - the prototypical first time parents. If the past eight months have flown by, these last few days will really fly.

Your Mama

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  1. Made me cry.........You're having a baby!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Megan! Enjoy your days at home in preparation. You're going to be such a wonderful mom! One very blessed baby!