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Happy Hanukkah

By Friday, December 18, 2015 ,

Eight nights of Hanukkah and it is still over in a flash. This year we got to spend the beginning and the end with my folks - a great way to bookend this fun holiday. There were candles and songs and lots of latkes. On the last night our cousins Zack, Marina, and Naomi joined us for the fun. Matt and Zack did an epic dreidel toss battle. Aba cooked the latkes and Michelle made tasty, fall off the bone chicken.

All these pictures have already been shared (and liked) on Facebook, but I wanted to have a little memory of this year's festivities on the blog too. Short and sweet... on to the pictures. (Thanks to Lukas for the edits and photo critiques to keep me improving, just as long as I can remember to do them.)

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