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Inigo & the hairy chested lumberjack

By Wednesday, November 4, 2015 , , ,

pumpkin carving
Pumpkin carving... much flying pumpkin pieces

the pumpkins of 2015
by (from left to right): Sam, Lukas, & Megan

Inigo & the hairy chested lumber jack
Inigo & The Hairy Chested Lumberjack

Just a few memories from Halloween 2015...

::getting covered in flying pumpkin shavings. There was just no getting around that.

::laughing with Sam as she got dirtier and dirtier getting into her costume. She was Rambo from Rambo First Blood.

::Sebastian surprising the trick-o-treaters with his loud boo! Except for one preteen witch who, with sass, said, "You didn't scare me!"

::the little spiderman who didn't want to look at me because he thought I was scarier than Rambo.

::surprising myself anytime I caught a glimpse of my face. It was easy to forget it was painted.

::playing more exploding kittens.

::being totally prepared for the hoards of children, but then not being as swamped as last year - darn!

twins :: tuxedo cats

Other little bits of my life...