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The White Buffalo

By Sunday, October 19, 2014 , , , ,

The White Buffalo
On a Thursday evening after work, we drove over the hill to Santa Cruz.  We were pretending at being young and crazy kids.  We stood right up front, the music {especially the drums} hitting us right in the face.  We enjoyed it immensely.  Though it was determined, at the end of it all, that we were closer to old folks than we cared to admit.  Next time we'll find a seat at the back.  But this night it was worth it.

We found The White Buffalo {like probably many people} while watching Sons of Anarchy.  His music now, is often on repeat in our house.  The lyrics are gripping and filled with story telling.  The rhythm is distinctive and grabs at your bones.  The emotions run deep.

I was giddy as we waited out front of Moe's Alley for the doors to open.  We waited more, once inside for the show to start and then some more between the opening act {McCoy Tyler} and The White Buffalo.  I wanted to try a little show photography and used the waiting time to play around a little bit with my settings.  To get the image above I set my camera down on the stage... manual focus, a two second delay on the shutter, and Jake Smith {a.k.a The White Buffalo} hopped right over my camera on his way back to the green room.  Awesome!  

And the show?  That was awesome too.  He was so into each song, playing with strong emotion.  19 songs without a pause.  It was impressive.

The next day at work was a bit of a struggle.  But it was worth it. 
The White Buffalo

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