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habits of home :: tending the garden

By Saturday, August 9, 2014 ,

I drop Lukas off at the BART station and come home to a spunky kitty who tries to chat me up through the front window, his tail flip-flapping a mile a minute.  I set down keys and wallet and head out to the garage for my watering can.  With it filled, I give the back planter beds - which are in desperate need of a reboot - a drink.  Still going strong are thyme, sage and oregano.  Staging a come back are a couple basil plants.  My fingers are crossed about those.  A weekend away, with hot hot summer sun did in the lettuce and tiny strawberry plants though.

This quite morning time is squeezed in between Lukas leaving for work and then me leaving for work.  Yet, it's not hurried or rushed.  Just what I need to start the day.  And sometimes, like exercising, I don't really feel like doing it... but when done (and even while doing it) I feel so much better.

That simple daily reminder that our days are filled with infinitesimal choices.  We should always chose what brings us joy and happiness.   

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  1. What a pleasant morning! I love your pictures too!

  2. A beautiful way to start your day.