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growing :: the front yard

By Thursday, June 5, 2014 , , ,

First there were waist{or maybe shoulder} high weeds filling the front planter bed.  Wild radish and dandelion, both with slightly prickly stalks and tuberous roots.  And long, spindly grasses.  I pulled it all up, filling the green waste bin rather quickly.

And then there was bare dirt and a jade plant that needed a bit of relocation.  Into the ground I planted dahlia bulbs and poppies - all hidden beneath the dirt.  Still the ground looked bare.  In the front half of the bed I planted parsley and thyme and a flowering hydrangea.  Though the flowers soon withered and it wasn't looking all that healthy.

The parsley and thyme took off like gangbusters.  Raised beds got added to the backyard and the front yard herbs were moved.  Fingers are still crossed that the parsley comes back, though it does look to be making a solid effort.  I trimmed back the hydrangea and fresh leaves sprouted. And then...

The dahlias came up and poppies too.  And with them a volunteer sunflower!  A second, lagging behind sunflower didn't appreciate my relocation efforts and kicked the bucket.  But this first, big stalky fellow shot up quickly seemingly growing several inches each day.  I was eager to see it burst open and then it did.  With the dahlias following closely behind, like nature's fireworks.

Such anticipation, even though I did the planting and I did the watering, each time a new flower opens it feels like a wonderful surprise.  A cultivated sense of wonder.

Also growing in the front are a rosemary plant and two lavenders {that replaced the thyme and parsley}.  Even as such baby plants, the lavender are shooting up flowers and looking like miniature versions of their older counter parts I see in our neighbors' yards.  I can't wait for the day when they are also so lush.  And just like most everything else, that day will come and when it does it will feel like both all of a sudden and like an eternity.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Sounds like you have been busy in your garden. Enjoy!

  2. Oh the weeds...my hubby was nice enough to dig them all up this year. It all looks wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous. This makes me wish I had my own little garden (or at least a yard...!) but I live in the city, and we just have sidewalk and pavement! Sounds like you're quite the avid gardener. Dahlias are so beautiful, I love them. Do you plant any vegetables, or only flowers?

    Lovely photography, by the way.

  4. I love the succulents in the tea cup! Great photos too!

  5. Oh I'm so jealous! I live on a riverbed and our soil is so poor and sandy I have such a hard time getting anything to grow. Each year I try to add a little more good stuff to it, hopefully one day I can just plant something and have it grow successfully!