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By Thursday, April 3, 2014 ,

I am…

{feeling} happy.

{enjoying} new morning routines - like green smoothies and pushups.  

{loving} the switch from having cable to not having cable.

{remembering} when we had to wear our biggest down jackets in the morning before we fixed our heating situation.

{thinking} about being 1 year older today and no longer in my 20s.

{wondering} when the perfect time to buy plane tickets will be.  I'm checking every day.

{hoping} the kitty continues to feel better.  He had a tough day yesterday, but is on the mend this morning.

{anticipating} a fun bachelorette party in May - let the planning begin.  

{listening} a new version of 'Stuck in Lodi' and some White Buffalo.

{watching} House of Cards and shows on the internet - bye bye cable!

{saying} mmm cozy, when I steal Lukas's fleece flannel shirt.

{inspired by} Elise and her post about favorites.

{thankful} for family and friends and moving into my 30s.  {yikes!}

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