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By Saturday, March 1, 2014

:: a short week was had following that long weekend.

:: I had one morning of extreme dizziness. Maybe my ears were plugged up.

:: paper work got partially filed.

:: Lukas cooked dinner and it was awesome.  When asked what I wanted for dinner my response was, "you to cook!"  And he did - fish sandwiches with avo sauce, potatoes o'brian and fruit salad.

:: pulled brisket was just as amazing again.

:: and Elevation 66 is always worth any excuse.  The best excuse… Betty and Nik came up for lunch.

:: I Skyped my dad from work to wish him happy birthday.

:: there was a late night conference call for work.  Working across time zones does this once in awhile.

:: morning dinner prep continued with much success.

:: we planned how to take down the bird shed/aviary/hutch.  Whatever you want to call it, it's coming down!

:: BART was quite challenged this week.  My evening commute ended up on the bus and dominos pizza for dinner.  It was surprisingly quite tasty.

:: another day the train driver overshot the platform and that caused a lot of trouble too.

:: we scheduled and then had to reschedule {due to rain} the sewer lateral replacement.  Welcome to being a home owner.

:: Lukas worked Saturdays, while I got stuff done around the house.

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