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a little bit of :: this week

By Friday, January 24, 2014 ,

This week…

:: I worked late nights and early mornings.

:: Lukas worked a long day and maybe more.

:: we said goodbye to an awesome kitty {my mother-in-law's}

:: we stopped in at Jeff's for a beer and dinner got changed to eggs.  Relaxing was more important.

:: I worked on timing my commute and finding a seat the whole way.

:: Lukas took down the head-hitting chandeliers.

:: we hardly made progress on The List.

:: the kitty found his spunky-ness and practiced some leaping.

{picture above… from right before we moved into our new place - it's full of STUFF now.}

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  1. I love reading these little snippets of your week. And look at those wood floors and that amazing sunlight!