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f/it and be there :: eastern sierras

By Sunday, November 3, 2013 , , , , ,

A photography saying is "f/8 and be there".  That a lot of the trick behind taking great pictures could be boiled down to a simple setting and being there.  And even still, the being there component might just be the biggest piece of the puzzle.  Sure, once you get there practice, skills, an eye for composition, and understanding exposure also go a long way to those winning shots.  And being there usually requires a wake up call well before sunrise or a dinner postponed or a long drive.  When spoken, f/8 sounds a lot like f' it.  And so, those trips where you'd rather be sitting on the couch than going out but the only way you'd get the shot is if you went became known as f/it trips.  I have it on good authority that the only rule for an f/it trip is that you don't just sit at home on the couch.  You get out and shoot.

Usually, an f/it trip is one Lukas and his buddy Jeff take.  It usually involves a long drive and lots of shooting all shoved into one quick weekend.  I got a chance to tag along on this last f/it trip.  I successfully kept my bum off the couch and loved every minute of it.  Even the early mornings and chilly weather.  Little steps to getting back to normal feel great.

We spent the weekend in June Lake hunting down fall color.  Highlights included actually finding some color that wasn't past-peak and great burgers at Grumpy's in Mammoth Lakes.

Here's the story in pictures {mine and Lukas's}...

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  1. Are any of your and your husband's photos for sale?

    1. Thanks for asking Dana!

      My husband, Lukas, had a professional online website that included options for buying prints, but we let this lapse after he decided not to do art shows a couple summers ago. He's still up for selling prints though and can do so through paypal if you're interested in something. You can see his most current photos on flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lswenger).

      As for me... totally flattered to be included, though I must admit most all the landscape photos are his. :) But I'd love to sell a print if someone was interested.