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patagonia :: the movie

By Tuesday, June 18, 2013 , , ,

Our travels to Argentina may be old news now {who am I kidding? They are old news!} but I finally took a few days to put together the video from the trip.  It was fun to remember the trip.  The hikes, the wind, the snow, the early mornings, the poorly planned backpacking meals, the tasty in-town empanadas, the amazing craggy mountain peaks, the bright teal pools, and then the last three mornings where the light on the mountains was just what we had been hoping for the whole time.

I'm glad I finally took the time to put it all together.  Still working this year at being a better memory keeper.

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  1. Nothing pops up letting me watch a movie. Cause I soooo wanna see it!

  2. I saw it!!

    Despite the bad weather it seems like you had an amazing time. And of course the photos captured are stunning. What an amazing trip! Now Patagonia is on my list of places to travel.