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a salty snooze

By Friday, February 8, 2013 , , ,

Salt Point

So we piled into the car - two photographers, one photographer's wife-to-be, and me.  Two minutes later we were making the first mandatory stop.  Sandwiches to fill hungry bellies.  Then we piled back into the car and drove on north.  The warm sun and winding roads soon rocked every passenger to sleep.  And then we were there - Salt Point State Park.

The photographers ambled off in search of promised awesome tafoni.  The ladies lagged behind - shooting little details that caught their eye and chatting about wedding details.  Flowers, diy, the possibility of a wagon.  When we caught up with the photographers they were cursing the cloudless skies - like usual.  But the tafoni was found and it was cool.  And though the cold wind cut through any hope of a warm evening, the company was just fine.

We high tailed it once the sun dipped below the horizon.  Enchiladas all around and we were back on the road headed home.  Yet again, all passengers slept the ride away.  And that was that.  Lesson learned - web cam hints of maybe possibly clouds are not to be trusted.
Salt Point Salt Point Salt Point Salt Point
How we all feel about cloudless, cold sunsets.

Salt Point

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  1. you really live an awesome life megan! but what's a tafoni?

    1. Tafoni is the name for the rock formations with the cool holes.