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in season... in this moment {september}

By Sunday, September 23, 2012 ,


I am...

{feeling} rested from a solid night's sleep

{enjoying} taking my time waking up and knowing I've got the full day ahead of me

{loving} the "manly" and awesome stack of fabric that I got yesterday

{remembering} the purple bike with the hard plastic seat.  This journal project has gotten me thinking.

{thinking} about buying plane tickets for a big trip in November

{wondering} if I should buy strawberries again this week to make another batch of quick freezer jam

{hoping} I get all my sewing done today.  The list is long and I'm excited!

{anticipating} another weekend {already!} with minimal to no plans

{listening} to Brook Lee Catastrophe and thinking we should remember to check if they're in town more often

{watching} the fog roll in a spoil our plans to shoot Shark Fin Cove last night

{saying} good morning to a husband that got a few extra sleep-in minutes in the bed - all to himself

{inspired by} a baby shower coming soon and "requiring" a little for baby sewing

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