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going SLO

By Friday, November 11, 2011 , , ,


I was counting down the days and the week just seemed to drag on. Work was busy and I had a project that needed to get done. It needed to get done and I was counting down the days because Shawna was coming home. My brave, little sister who moved 1/2 way around the world for school. Who {didn't tell my mom} jumped out of an airplane. My little. And she came home for a visit!

We rolled down the highway to Los Osos and the Waechtlers. It was a weekend filled with tea, laughing, crochet and being silly. A blast was had by all.

Enjoy my second movie...

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  1. Your video is so good Megan!! It made me smile and giggle and long for a sister... and a road trip to the coast! : )

  2. Excellent! Keep them coming, Megan!!

    Uncle Dick

  3. Excellent video Megan.. I love it..esp the crocheted hat..it's so nice..and I love to see all the laugh in this video..keep up the good work :)