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"I wanted to go bowling!"

By Tuesday, August 30, 2011

that's how I roll

For the last week I've had my head buried inside statistical computer software and data and averaging close to 4 hours sleep per night. In that short period of time work created the perfect storm and took over just about every inch of my life. And as challenging as that was {felt like I was back in college trying to cram for a test}, it is also the most interesting and rewarding parts of my job. I wont bore you with the details - the report is {for now} complete, I have a moment to catch my breath and things are getting back to normal.

When my late evenings and weekends turned into lots of this...

SAS is your friend
we thought it brilliant to make use of a Groupon we'd been sitting on and go bowling! For what felt like free {funny how that works with Groupons} we rolled a couple games. My scores were pitiful, but not once did I think of work. A welcome break because work had pretty dominated all my thoughts even when I was trying to take a break - even sleeping.

So here's to jobs that challenge us and fun past times that give us a little break from everything right when we most need it. {I see a three day weekend on the horizon!}

how the photographer rolls

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  1. Yay for bowling!!! Have a wonderful LONG weekend and don't let them work you too hard. ; )