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just a little hair cut

By Sunday, January 16, 2011

I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a hair cut. It had probably been a couple years. Once in awhile I'd get fed up with my hair and start looking online for hair salon. But I'd get discouraged because the nice places charge so much and the cheaper places...? So, I just kept putting it off.

Then in my email box a Groupon showed up for a haircut. 1/2 off a fancy hair cut?! Sweet, I'll take it. Lindsey at Jubilee gave me a great hair cut. Shampoo, head massage, haircut, style, the works. But first she chopped of 12+ inches for locks of love. That's what happens when you've let your hair grow for a couple years.

Here's the before picture. {I forgot to take an after picture. Have to get one later.}

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