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We are Giants!

By Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wilson is on the mound. Two outs, two strikes and outside we hear a lone car begin to honk its horn. The pitch comes, a swing and a miss - strike three! Lukas jumps up. I jump up. “The Giants won the World Series!!!” Outside the lone honking car is joined by others and a loud chorus of beeps. We hear cheers, screams, and shouts. I open the shutters to peak out and see house lights all along the face of the mountain flashing on and off. And then I see fireworks. Bright pops of color against the black night timed only to the chaos of the excited sounds of the little city celebrating. Lukas grabs his camera and we head out to the balcony to take it all. Everyone, it seemed, had hopped into their cars to drive down our small city streets to honk their horn and join the fun. People rang cowbells and triangles, played horns, and just plain old shouted with joy. For more than 30 minutes everyone celebrated. How exciting, the Giants won the World Series!

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