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the beans exploded

By Thursday, September 16, 2010

I had an extraordinary morning. The beans really did explode. They exploded all over my bag, all over me, all over the quilt blocks I was taking to work and later planning on mailing. They seemed to be every where.
This morning I packed up my lunch - rice and beans - along with my library book, quilt blocks, and a pound cake wrapped in a cloth just to make it pretty. I was all set and happy to be headed to work. Then on the way to the shuttle stop I felt a wet spot on my leg and noticed it was coming through my bag. Grrrrrr, I thought, my water bottle is leaking. Only, when I pulled the water bottle out of my bag I remember that it was empty before I put it in my bag and therefore would have had nothing to leak. I hurried to the shuttle stop and quickly inspected my bag to see what was going on.
The beans sat innocently, upright in their little glass Tipperary but right away I was they were the culprit. Tinny black beans in their sticky, salty juices littered the bottom of the bag. Quickly, before the shuttle got there, everything came out of the bag. Small miracle number one - the beans didn't get on the library book. But the pretty quilt blocks took one for the team. Brown liquid dripped from their folds - I guess I wont be sending those today.
The second small miracle was that I had another bag inside my work bag to transfer everything too. See Lukas, bags inside of bags can come in handy! Too bad my scout skills are not quite up to par and I didn't also have the kitchen sink to wash everything out in.
The pretty cloth around the cake got hit with the juices too but the cake was safe. And we all know that's the most important part. I made it to work without spreading the jooy mess any further. At work I washed everything out and now my cubicle slightly resembles a southern yard after wash day.
The last miracle of the day? Remember how I wrote that I felt a wet spot on my leg? Well the bean juice leaked a big brown spot right onto the hip of my pants. But, being as that I wore brown pants the exact shade of blackbeans the spot has dried invisible on my pants. So, now that the crisis has been adverted all I've got to show for it are a few wet quilt blocks, a dripping bag and remants of beans that I'll be picking out from under my fingernails all day.
Just had to share. Hope your day started off less eventfull then mine!

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  1. Wait... is it bad to blog from work??

    I'm sorry for your morning disaster - especially those pretty quilt blocks! I love what you did with them. Did they seem to wash up ok?

  2. Megan, I had to go take a peek at the blocks. They look great. What a great bean story to go along with the blocks. Can't wait for them to dry and get here. This is going to be an amazingly beautiful quilt.

  3. Those blocks are beautiful! Great story, sorry for the explosion, we all have days like that sometimes.

  4. Megan, I have the squares and I love them. I think I shall name the quilt,
    12 women and bowl of beans.