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welcome home

By Thursday, April 1, 2010 ,

The days keep flying by and even though there's been more daylight hours, it still doesn't seem like the to-do list is getting any shorter. I'm sure this is all stemming from the pending marriage I hear is happening at the end of May. And it's already April! Ah! Someone find me a big blanket to hide under till it's all over. The list of must-do's seems to grow by the day - invitations must get printed and in the mail, flowers must be decided upon, the DRESS must be sewn, our DIY favor project must get moving along if we're to complete the 100+ we've got to make. That's enough to stress anyone out I think. And while, when people ask "How's the dress coming?" and I respond with a cool, level head "Oh, slow but I'm sure it'll get done and I've still got time to find something if it doesn't" the words sound great, but at 12:30 in the morning after hours of cutting, pressing, and stitching those easy words fly right out the window. And so when last night, zombie-like I plopped myself in front of the TV and declared I "needed a break" Lukas looked at me like I had grown an extra head. He then suggested, "Maybe you should do some yoga instead of just zone out." Good idea. I pulled out my yoga mat, turned the light down in the "sewing room", and opened the book of yoga poses. {just began learning yoga recently} For the next 30 minutes or so I breathed slowly, connected to the different parts of my body and stretched. It was calming, restorative and much better than zombie-state in front of the TV. I was able to manage some more sewing afterwards {even if the dishes didn't get done}. Lukas reminded me of my words "It'll get done and there's time to find a dress if it doesn't" and I believed them again.

All that to say, yes planning a wedding can be stressful and most days I'm good at working through the stress of it all and not letting it bother me. But sometimes I just need to pause, get centered, and start again. It does me good to remember that I love our new place {cute picture with this post} and am so excited about the life Lukas and I are and will be building together. So, in every sense of the word "home" - welcome home... welcome, home.

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  1. what an ADORABLE new house!! it's absolutely perfect! it's absolutely megan!!

    sorry to hear about the wedding stress. are you happy with how the dress is coming, or are you still wondering how you want to make it? i wish i was there to help!

  2. Great house. It looks like it should be on the beach.

  3. i can't believe that's your house! i would NEVER leave. don't forget that the wedding is but a blip on the radar. it's the marriage that counts.

  4. thanks! i'm really loving the new place.

    thanks too for the good wedding advice. always good to be reminded the whole purpose of the wedding. :)