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Momentarily homeless

By Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, this past Saturday I packed up and left L.A. for good.  I am officially no longer a resident of Los Angeles!  Wow, that feels good to say.  And of just this moment I've changed my mailing address.  It really is official.  

Lukas came down to help me pack up.  It was a great thing that he came.  Only an engineer could have gotten all my stuff into my car.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but the car was bursting at the seams.  And he did a pretty spiffy job of tying all the duffle bags to the roof of the car.  Everything stayed put for the entire 6+ hour drive up to Santa Cruz.  

The night before we got together with a little group of my friends to say goodbye.  I always wonder how things are going to go when you mix groups of friends.  Things could be really weird or something, but I have to say that this little goodbye party went well.  And it served to remind me of the great friends I'll be missing now that I don't live in L.A..  I've already been commanded to return for a visit and I know I'll have to visit!

While packing up to leave on Saturday I got a phone call from my aunt.  She drove up from Orange County to have lunch with Lukas and me.  It was wonderful to get to squeeze in a quick visit.  She got to meet Lukas and see my cute little apartment that'd been my home for the past two years.    And then, the car was loaded, hugs were given, we climbed in the car, waved goodbye, and were off!

Now I'm in a very weird, but exciting (I guess) place.  No job yet, crashing at Lukas for a couple weeks, then moving back home.  It's weird to not be starting school again.  Frustrating not to have a definite plan for the immediate future.  Exciting to have a clean, fresh new start.  Exciting to have moved out of L.A. and to be dreaming of bigger and better things.

Goodbye L.A.! Hello rest of my life!

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