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Lastest Sewing Project

By Wednesday, August 29, 2007 , ,

So, I've taken a break with the Europe blog stories to work on my Europe scrap book and in between I participated in my first swap! Well, I haven't received yet, but my partner has gotten the knitting bag and needle roll I sewed for her. I used my machine the "quilt"/"embroider" the leaves onto the front of the needle roll. This was my first experiment with pulling/pushing something through my machine without the help of the little feet that move things along. I was nervous, but every time I sew I like to try new things. The bag style was also a first for me with the squared bottom. Both the leaves and the bag bottom turned out just fine so maybe I'll just have to keep doing them. Here's a picture of the inside of the needle roll with all the slots for needles.
I really worried that I'd get all the colors and design right. In the end I really liked the color choices and only wish the bag was a little big bigger. And since she's gotten it I can post some pictures without spoiling any surprise.

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