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Just a short note

By Friday, June 1, 2007

So... a quick little note before I go to bed. My family is in town for the week. It's great to see them all -- especially my little sister who has been in Israel for the past 9 months. We just saw Pirates. I wouldn't recommend it at all. Very long and not anywhere near as good as the first two.

Also... check out this web album Lukas put together. It's a little teaser of our trip. I'm so excited!

Sweet dreams.

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  1. hi megan! thanks for visiting my blog.. and my house- it was nice to see you guys! i bet you were stoked to see shawna! i saw the bag you made your mom! i love it! did you do your buttonhole yet? will you guys be home from europe when felt club happens? july 15th. if so, i'd love for you to come see! love em