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rain drops keep falling on my head

By Thursday, February 22, 2007

This morning I was all set to go to school -- new green longsleaved tshirt, black capris, and black flatts -- and I did a double take as I opened the front door. The steps outside the door were wet. I thought, "Strange. The sprinklers don't usually hit so high up the steps." Then I looked up and saw the rain coming down. It was a nice rain, not just a little pittiful mist and not a torrential down pour. It was just enough to require me to run back inside for my rain coat. The walk to school was probably one of the quickest because to keep from getting soaked through I was walking fast. Even still when I walked into the class room I got a few funny looks and a couple, "you're soaked!"s. The rain let up in the morning and by the time I had to walk home it had completely stopped.
Then while grading midterms at my desk I heard it start to rain again. I could hear what sounded like buckets of water being dumped over the gutters and landing on the cement right outside my room. Just listening to the rain mad
e me feel content and took away a little bit of the pain of grading 200+ midterms. It was still comming down pretty good when I had to leave for swimming. I bundled up, but this time I wasn't so lucky on the walk to school. I arrived very soaked through. That meant I had nice damp clothes to look forward to after I got out of the water. The rain seemed to be letting up as I ran from the locker room to the pool. I jumped into the warm water quickly and did 400 yards to warm up. As I sat on the wall waiting to hear the next set the rain picked up again. It was bouncing off the water creating the neatest rain sound I've heard. It was like music.
Thankfully, the rain had stopped by the end o
f practice and my clothes were only a little damp. Maybe it'll start raining again later tonight and I'll get to fall asleep listening to it spill over the gutters and hit the ground.

The rain always reminds me of home.

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