Quilt Story :: Let's Go On An Adventure

let's go on an adventure :: quilt label

Let's Go On An Adventure began as a pattern test for Meg at Tea & Brie. I was very excited to have been chosen to test her newest pattern - Granny Unsquared. This pattern is broken up by block and each block becomes a color story. As I stitched through the blocks, we brought them along on our daily adventures. After the first block/adventure I knew just who this quilt would have to be for...
When it felt like all the moms in our neighborhood mom's group were talking about the amazing outdoor preschools they were sending their kids to, I was getting a bit jealous even though we had already picked a preschool we LOVED. An idea was born to make our own little outdoor exploration group - Forest Club - and we'd meet on Fridays to get our little ones hiking. At two years old, these hikes were more like walks but we got out there adventuring. At my side, with an endless list of places to go exploring, my friend Kate made Forest Club what it was.

Our kids grew and discovered the natural world together. It made our momma hearts happy. Yet, life keeps changing and Kate and her family moved away. Though our conversations are now spread across weeks or even months, we still have this special bond. So, this quilt had to be for her and for her second daughter who was born earlier this month. (The quilt was even there in time to welcome them home from the hospital!)
EddyLou helped me hold up each block in different spots Kate had introduced us to. My little helper fell in love with this quilt too, but was also happy and excited that it would be going to our friends. It was fun for me to share the process with her just a little bit. All our love went into these fabrics and into this quilt.

Pattern: Granny Unsquared by Meg Fahrenbach
Fabric: top - Heather Ross; backing - August Wren - Dear Stella minky
Quilting: machine by me