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hot August nights {and days}

By Wednesday, August 25, 2010 , ,

Boy oh boy, we've been hitting the high numbers on the thermometer here in the Bay Area. Really, 90+ degrees in the City?! And I shouldn't be complaining because as Lukas put it yesterday, "You just go from the air conditioned train to your air conditioned office and then back again at the end of the day." Even though I got to avoid the worst of the heat it was still hot enough when I got home yesterday that cooking was clothing-optional.

The kitten has been feeling the heat too. Instead of running around and attacking everything in sight he has spent most of his time sprawled out on the tile floor in the kitchen or napping in the bathroom sink. And once in a while letting out a pitiful meow to complain about the heat.

We found him like this tonight. Couldn't be any cuter than this!

The nights have been hot too - well, hot for night time. And since it's a full moon we took advantage of the shorts wearing night weather and headed to the coast for some night photography. The kitten came along too - we all had to get out of the hot house. As we got closer to the water we watched the temperature drop - 85, 78, 63 yoohoo! Mind you, this was 8:45 at night and it was only 62 when we left around 10:30.

The night was beautiful, eerily lit by moonlight with bright stars shinning in the sky. Lukas shot Pigeon Point Lighthouse and I played with the kitten. I had fun pointing out the summer constellations - Cassiopeia, Sagittarius, and my favorite Scorpio. The night sky is just spectacular and full of wonder.

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  1. inigo looked adorable! too cute.

    what a fun evening at the beach- and the lighthouse looks awesome!